SEO Tips and Tricks for eCommerce Websites


The competition for getting your eCommerce website rank high is becoming increasingly tougher. With Amazon gained such popularity, it has become arduous to get noticed in eCommerce market. Google aspires to be the sole associate on the web and so, this giant search engine is removing those commercial sites, which lacks in quality and useful content. Now the search engine focuses more on content and not just products.

The eCommerce website has several inbuilt features like, shallow copy, large product catalog and duplicate content. This makes it more difficult to achieve high Google ranking. In order to get a good visibility on web among competitors, a good SEO practice is necessary. This will aid your eCommerce website to get a hold against the giant search engine i.e. Google. The more heat you pay to the consequences of search, more benefits you can get from it. However, what Google algorithm has in it is still a big mystery. We can just follow the SEO tricks and tips to get ourselves ranked high in search result.

SEO Tips for eCommerce Websites


Do you think you have best SEO services for your eCommerce website? Read down and check does your service cover these mentioned parameters or not, and for those who are new to SEO can easily take the leverage of these tips to get oneself ranked high in search engine.

Panda Means a Lot!

With the latest update made by Google and the emergence of Google’s Panda, now quality content is mandatory for eCommerce websites. The content has to be unique and useful for the customers. Panda always look for those websites, which show ignorance to the parameters like, user experience, page layout, bounce rate, website-time and site traffic, and kick them off from Google Search Results.

The quality images of your products with effective description will certainly lead your website’s rank. With this, if you include some customer-interaction practice of allowing users to give feedback or reviews about your product, you can get small quality content at very little cost. And, there is the possibility that the content of current customers can match up to the search query of potential customer. Hence, this can drive more traffic to your website.

META tags and Relevant Keywords

The META tags are the effective way to provide the information about the specific page on your website. These HTML tags should not more than 155 characters. This is the short and strong description of your webpage incorporating the most important keywords. Utilizing META keywords in your writings will fuel your traffic by landing various web searchers on your website. Before writing the descriptions, make the list of the targeted keywords that you are going to use in your content. So, use these META tags and relevant keywords for experiencing the better search results on Google.

Put What Is Hot

Placing all your products in the front of users at once is not a good SEO practice for an eCommerce website owner. Highlighting your featured and famous products is what comes under ideal SEO practice. You can use 70-30 rule here. Give priority to those products, which is the gemstone of your products’ category. Display those items, which are attractive and eye-catching.

Focus heavily on marketing the hot products instead of every single product. And, make sure that you link these product pages to your homepage. Implementing these will allure more customers to your website, which in turn will bring traffic. You know how it works- once the product is seen and appreciated by a customer, then his friends, relative and their friends and relative and so on will visit your website.

Are your Products hot?

If in spite of performing above-mentioned SEO tips your traffic is not translating into conversion, then there is seriously something wrong with your products. May be your products are not good enough to lap handsome customers. May be you are placing the products, which lacks quality in terms of look and color-combinations. May be you are not able to understand customers need and highlighting the obsolete items.

Hence, check for your website’s product quality. If the quality and appearance of your store is not up to date, the traffic that you scored is useless. So, focus on rendering quality products with interesting content. Best way to do this is check out for your competitor’s website and get some ideas.

Use Google

As Google is where you want to rank high, take the advantages of the various extensions that it offers. Use Google Adwords for leveraging its offerings like- mobile targeting, retargeting, enhanced extensions & site links, and the Google merchant tie-in. Be the first among your competitor to take the advantages of a cheaper cost-per-click feature. You can personalize this Adword according to your needs.

With the rebooting of Google Base into Google Merchant Center, site owners can easily take this advantage to upload their product’s feeds. This will help in easy detection of your product in Google Product Search result. You can also link the same feeds to your Google Adword account to get good SERP real estate with Product Ads.

Although these practice are famous and well used by SEO professionals but caution! As I said the Google algorithm is still an unknown mystery, hence, at any point it can be changed. So, for them who only depend on one channel, are more liable to experience the downfall in both revenue and visitors. Smart retailers will always have a back plan with multiple channels that maximizes the growth and returns and minimize the impact of Google changes. Hence, use these tips and have superior online recognition.


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